If You Find An Animal

Unfortunately, there is a big problem with homeless animals, especially cats, in our area. We receive many calls and walk-in inquires every week from people needing assistance with found animals. Some of these do end up being homeless animals. However, sometimes an animal has just been separated from its owner.

If the animal is wearing a rabies tag on their collar, write down the phone number of the issuing clinic and the unique identification number at the bottom of the tag. You can then contact the clinic that issued the tag during their regular office hours (when they have access to their computer database) for help reuniting the pet with its owner. If it is outside regular business hours, you can contact Bolivar Animal Control at 417-777-3911 for assistance.

When a lost or injured animal is presented to us, we do ask that the person seeking care for it coordinate care with the City of Bolivar Animal Pound, for two reasons.

First, if the animal has been separated from their owner, the City Pound is often one of the first places an owner turns to looking for their pet. If a found animal can be quickly reunited with their owner, the owner can take their pet to their regular vet for any needed care. For this reason, we have a long-standing agreement with the City Pound that it is best to coordinate found animal situations through them.

Second, by taking a lost or injured animal to the City Pound, they are able to coordinate care and/or adoption of these animals through a variety of resources. If they are unable to immidiately locate the owner, they do not stick injured animals in a cage and leave them to suffer! Our City Pound has a remarkable staff and network. They are able to match the situation up with either the vet or rescue of their choosing to make sure found animals are cared for. Sometimes an injured animal is immediately brough back in to us for care through the City Pound. Sometimes it's a situation that is better handled through a rescue which chooses to use a different vet, one that they have an established relationship with.

Thank you to the City of Bolivar Animal Pound for their coordinated system of care for found animals in Bolivar!

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